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Risk Free Method? $1000 in 7 Days.

We get asked all the time “How can I earn fast cash online?”

Now usually we will say something like “Fast cash systems are often a scam” and that is true. The draw of fast cash is irresistible for so many people, that scammers will do what they can to exploit that demand.

In addition, you will see ads that say things like “I earned $5000 in my first 10 days” but what those people do not say is they are professional marketers and have spent years building a list of hundreds or thousands of followers or contacts. Or they may have spent $1000+ in purchasing quality advertising to get those results.

It is VERY difficult for someone without the knowledge and experience of real marketing methods to make fast cash online…… but there are ways to do it. Most of them involve quite a lot of risk (such as paying for quality advertising in advance without knowing what sales will be made). We have personally spent $1000 in quality advertising and made NO sales whatsoever while being coached by a so called guru. Guess who got the $1000?

Are there ways to Make $500 – $1000 Fast without Risk or Marketing Knowledge?

Without any risk whatsoever you can find items that you can try to promote to others, but the majority of people fail at this. Anyone who has tried affiliate marketing without learning how to do it first will tell you it is not easy to succeed. You may get lucky and make a little cash, but usually it is a lot of work for no return.

There are ways however to keep the risk levels low, and increase the likelihood of success at the same time. That is what my aim was for with my earn $1000 in 7 Days plan.

Here is how it works:

Step 1

Purchase low cost advertising that is proven to work.

There are several options for this depending on what you are willing to spend:

$1 Advertising can be purchased here: One Ad Pack (You can also join free and earn the $1 first here)

$3 Advertising can be purchased here: Infinity Traffic Boost or Infinity Mailer Boost (You can also join free and earn the $3 first here)

$5 Advertising can be purchased here: The Click Engine (Monthly cost for buyer traffic. Actually right now it is 4.90)

$7 Advertising can be purchased here: Viral Url

$10 Advertising can be purchased here: Elite List Building (Added to Referral Rotator for Members). But I highly recommend VIP.

ALL of these ad options have worked for us personally to get sales and referrals. In addition I make money from each one by promoting them to other marketers.

Step 2

Add Higher Level Earning Systems Below (You can promote the advertising options choosen above until you have earned enough to purchase a higher level earning system if you prefer). Here are 3 really popular options:

Global Domains International – Click Here To Join

Here you can purchase your own website for $10 a month which can be used to create an ecommerce store or write a blog etc. Those options can make you money on their own (for example through replicating this blog post). I can also teach you how to use this for affiliate marketing purposes.

If you also promote GDI as an affiliate you can earn a lot more: $25 for getting a single sale (Learning Bonus), $100 for EACH 5 sales made in 1 week, (Superstar Bonus) or $250 for 10 successful referrals (Replication Bonus). This is as well as earning $1 per month every month from each monthly sale down 5 – 10 levels.

BuildaBizOnline – Click Here To Join

This one provides you with the tools for email marketing and has the added benefit of paying 100% commission on sales.

Leadsleap Pro Membership – Click Here To Join

This one provides so many marketing tools (including much superior tools for email marketing than All in One Profits in my opinion) and high quality automated advertising as well, that you can run a fully hands free ad campaign just with this site. The cost is $19 – $27 per month. Quick tip if you join Leadsleap using the link above you will get the $19 per month account option available for 7 days.

Step 3

So you can actually earn $1000 in 7 days you need to have some option which pays at least $50 – $100 per sale made. Fact is it is much easier to make 10 sales in 7 days than 1000 or even 100. This is what makes earning $1000 in 7 days possible.

The easiest item to sell in this price range is a lifetime upgrade on a quality traffic site. For example on a membership cost of approx $100 you can usually earn $70 – $85 of commission. That is certainly the commission level that is provided on Elite List Building.

Click Here To Join Elite List Building

In addition to that commission level all VIP members of Elite List Building are added to a lifetime referral rotator (linked above) which is promoted daily by many people. In other words you can make constant sales with this site by doing nothing yourself.

I should point out, its not only sales for the membership cost directly, but this upgrade can and does build lifetime income for members due to making sales of over 100 items (and counting) on complete autopilot. Bascially because of the referral rotator system and the content of this site, a single upgrade costing $97 through the joining offer, or $149 if taken later can build your income for you while you do nothing at all.

Its the easiest way to succeed with affiliate marketing, traffic generation and basically any of the most popular online programs around AND the site is updated with constant marketing training for free as well.

Whats the Cheapest? Fastest? and Easiest Cash Option?

I know there are many options to choose from on this page, so which is the cheapest? fastest? and easiest?


Start with the $1 ad site and promote it to others. Use funds earned to pay for your upgrades on the other sites when you can.


Join each site above and use the site provided by Global Domains International to copy this post and update it with your own links. Promote it as much as you can. You will get sales on multiple sites doing this.

I am happy to add your page to my rotator ads too (for my downline on GDI) send your page links to me via email to Please confirm the name of your GDI sponsor in the email. (Note: this would be you if you joined GDI using the links provided above and your Sponsor is Claire Koch) You would be joining our pretty large team growing these downlines.


Join everything on this page, send your referral links ONLY for the sites in this post to me via email to, and then promote this link:

I will do all the contacting members to get them to join using your links using referral rotators for EACH site on this page.

Please note it may take time to get referrals depending on how many people join the rotator system.

Where To Promote?

There are many traffic sites and special offer promo codes provided on Elite List Building. Join for free and use the marketing training provided to help you promote effectively. Again if you have not joined yet join Elite List building owned and operated by Ellie Murphy you will not regret it. Truthfully it has all the traffic training you will ever need.

Happy Earning

Best Wishes

Claire koch

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